Update 2: 23 Days to go

EIC Charity Cycle Ride 14.5.18

With just over three weeks to go until the challenge commences, everything has been booked ready for the onslaught and training has progressed.

Thankfully since the last blog post, the weather has improved significantly and the training mileage has increased. Most of the group are new to road cycling, so it has been especially important to gain the miles and bike confidence ready for the 600 mile journey that looms in front of us.

Yesterday we completed our first ride as a group, around Richmond Park, to get used to riding with each other. Apart from the initial London traffic to get to the park, a great ride was had by all and about 20 miles completed together.

richmond ride

“I have always struggled to achieve excellence. One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying.”- Greg LeMond

Some significant training rides have been achieved recently. As you can see from our Strava leaderboard, the mileage is being completed!

leaderboard 9.5
(editors note: One guess who volunteered to write the blog this week)


Richard ventured across the channel to tour the Netherlands for a long weekend, clocking over 100 miles in total.


Screenshot_20180515-134428 Neil has been heading out whenever he has a free hour in the evenings, achieving a high average speed against the clock round his local roads.


Andy and Tom explored the Surrey Hills, challenging their legs with climbs rather than gaining significant distance.



Ollie has been struggling with a knee problem, but is still determined to gain some mileage and see the challenge through!


Lara has extended her commute on more than one occasion to head to Richmond Park, as well as doing some long country rides back in Cambridge. Mark has been riding in town to commute to work, clocking up valuable mileage in the process


The Blog

Updates on our training and daily posts during the event.

Update 1: 50 Days to go

It is 50 days until we set off so a perfect time to write the first blog and provide some detail on our training and preparation to date.

With our route near enough sorted we moved on to arguably the most important aspect of the trip, where we’re going to lay our tired, tired legs and sleep. As we’re a not-for-profit and want to limit our costs, the gentlemen in our group are sharing rooms the whole way (luckily for Lara, she is not). However, while for four out of the five nights this means we’re sharing twin rooms in a household name, cheap hotel chain (favoured by Lenny Henry),  for our night in Berwick we’re having the pleasure of staying in a Youth Hostel in a room of 6. That’s right, after 119 miles of hilly coastal paths we have the delight of listening to each other snore (I’m looking at you Neil).

Accommodation aside, we have booked our flights up to Aberdeen, sorted bike boxes, looking into jerseys and are very close to renting a van for our support driver (also known as EIC CEO Stuart Broadley).

It is all becoming very real.

In terms of training to date is has mainly comprised of three things, getting on your bike, cycling longer and further than you’ve ever done before, and getting off your bike exhausted. And also a bit of running. Our Strava has become a point of encouragement and, for some, competition as a battle for the top spots has been raging between the more experienced cyclists. Below is a few screenshots to shed light on the highs, and lows, of training to date.

Strava leader boards

Andy has the longest cycle to date while Tom decided just cycling wasn’t enough and competed in a casual marathon 


Mark has also caught the running bug while Lara has been accidentally taking her road bike off the beaten track. 


Neil has been using the cycling to catch up with some old friends while Ollie has been overcoming the obstacles of his body and his bike 


Punctures have become a recurring theme, along with getting lost and losing GPS